Saturday, October 24, 2009


I like to write.
I wrote this one a long time back.
So let me know what you think and stuff(:
Oh, and i have no idea what to name it, so i'm open to ideas.

Spotlight's bright on you,
Shining light on your path that was once unseen.
you have a smile that can save me,
From this darkness I have fallen into.

A million miles away and counting,
I haven't seen you in a while but i don't mind waiting,
And everytime I think of you,
I wonder if you're thinking of me too.

You're the light in the shadow,
The first star I see.
When I'm flying through the night,
It's the same light that carries me.

For now it's just a dream,
I'm just another face in the crowd.
But i'll listen for my name,
If you decided to shout it out loud.

Now I'm staring at the white moon,
In hopes you're staring at it too.
It's the only thing we have in common,
When I'm here so far away from you.

All Rights Reserved

Till We Meet Again!

Rahima (:

Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Stop Feeling Like Your Life Sucks

How many times a day do you go, "God! My life sucks!"?
Minimum once, yeah?

Everyone's the same. Even me. I curse my life every time a teensy weensy problem comes my way.

We all feel a sense of insignificance sometimes. May it be the achievments of an older sibling, or anything which overshadows us for that matter.

So the real question is "How do you find a sense of significance in a world that seems so very shallow?"

Well to be honest, it may seem hard, but it's not.

Cultivate a grateful heart. Gratitude is the one thing that most people who feel a low sense of self-worth lack. If you can look outside your own world, and see how good you really have it, you will feel much more like your life is a worthwhile thing. If you don't have a terminal illness, have had something to eat today, have a bed to sleep in tonight... materially speaking you have it better than 70% of all the people in the whole world. If you're reading this on your own computer, you're better off than about 90% of everyone.

Learn to value deeper virtues. The media seem to be overflowing with images of the young, rich, and beautiful, and unless you fit that mold, you feel less worthy of good things in your life. But those things are so fleeting - youth and beauty fade with years, and in a short while, those celebrities won't be so pretty (or at least it won't be cheap for them to be so pretty). Fortunes can be lost. But love is eternal. Honor lasts. Truth abides. Beauty comes in all forms: a butterfly is beautiful. So is a waterfall, and the ocean, and the sky on a starry night. Learn to appreciate natural beauty, good character, honesty, your family.

Be nice. Believe it or not, this can be the first step to feeling your own power. Feeling a little ... ordinary... can make you feel like it isn't worthwhile to care about the feelings of others. You don't realize just how much power you have. Your lousy mood is contagious. It casts a pall over everyone you encounter, from your family to your friends to your co-workers. Instead of being abrupt and surly, try giving each person a smile. Take a moment to make eye contact. People enjoy talking about themselves or those closest to them. So give them an opportunity to do so. Try to remember names, and ask about their loved ones. You don't know what's happening in their lives - you might be the one and only person to treat them like a human being today. You may not realize how just one kind word, even from a stranger, can refresh someone's spirit. Try it and see. It may be very nice to be important. But it's much more important to be nice

Realize that being part of your family is important. You may not have family, in this case you must cherish the relationships with friends. If you have children, a spouse, siblings, parents who depend on you, everything you do for them is a good deed. When you help your mom find her milk, which she put in the cupboard instead of the fridge, even if she doesn't remember it 10 minutes later, you're doing something so valuable and important for her. Let your life with your family and friends rejuvenate you with the feeling that you are with people who love you no matter what.

Be humble. Of course if you go around bragging about how amazing you are, people are going to try to knock you down. Plus, people who talk themselves up to others are usually covering up an internal feeling of inadequacy. Just look at celebs - no sooner are they hot than the rumors start and the sniping begins. getting shallow satisfaction from the misfortune of those seemingly more fortunate than you. No matter how much you want to feel important, it won't help you unless you can appreciate it when it happens for the right reasons. By exercising humility, and refraining from all the brag and swagger, you free people to praise you when it's appropriate instead of hogging attention when it isn't.

Help others. There is nothing that will make you feel like you are valued, needed, and essential like volunteering to help and serve others who are less fortunate than you. This really goes along with the "humility" thing well - stepping up to help the elderly, coach at an after school children's center, feed the homeless, help build a home for someone, collect toys for orphanages at Christmas time - these things allow you to be of service to others, and nothing will make you feel better. There are times when you may wish to give the gift of your help in secret, telling no one of your good deeds, and there is great value in this. There are other times when you may want to share what you are doing as a way to encourage others to get involved, too - and the value of this is incalculable, as your gift can grow and grow. You will know when the time is right for either approach.

Feel the satisfaction of creating gratitude in another's life and let it stay within your heart. The first time a little child brings you a hand-drawn card and throws her arms around you to thank you, it's practically guaranteed you'll feel tears of joy flow from your eyes and a big lump in your throat. And that's when you know your life is not just "good enough" - it's

Till We Meet Again!

Rahima (:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!

First blogpost, and I have ABOSULTELY no idea, what to blog about.
So this is a birthday poem i wrote for a friend of mine for their bday:D

I just stopped by to wish you a happy birthday this year
You are turning seventeen and have conquered so many fears
I wish you all the best, on this, your special day
I know your friends and family will make it great in every way
You will have your cake, and so many presents too
A party that will make you smile and share a laugh or two
I just want you to know, that I will sing along
Adding my voice from far away to that birthday song
Another year has passed and more will come and go
When it comes to birthdays, soon you will be a pro
Just never let that smile fade from within those eyes
Keep everybody guessing while you wear your disguise
Until that moment happens, the celebration of your birth
And you can then remove your mask and show the world your worth
So as my pen and paper part, I bid you a fond farewell
And again say happy birthday, I hope it finds you well

Lemme know what you think

Till We Meet Again!

Rahima (: