Monday, October 11, 2010

But The Memories Remain.

So like, I haven't blogged in forever.
I've not beeen "WAY TOO BUSY" to blog, but I really didn't know what to write about.

Sure, I could rant about Alevels, but I don't want to. Weird, eh? I used to love ranting.

Alevels, isn't tough. It's more... well yeah it's tough.
But like, it's also making me a different person. I'm not sure if that's for the better or worse, though. People still tell me I talk a lot. (:\) I mean i KNOW I talk alot. Sue me.

I'm becoming more serious-ish, I guess. But when I look back at the sort of person I was, I see a difference.

Also, I miss my best friends.
All different schools.
It sucks. It really does. I miss their faces and the non stop talks with them.
Sure, there are cell phones and skype and facebooks, but being with them is different.

I'm also, moving away from some friends. I don't know why. It's weird. Have we ALL changed? Is this normal?
I mean, yeah, I made some great new friends, but still.

Memories. Lots of 'em. With them. Old friends. And even though we're not together, or not as good friends as maybe we were before, the memories still make me smile. And well the fact that whenever we look at each other we smile, makes us inseparable :)

Yeah, I ranted. Maybe I haven't changed :P


Maryam said...

Oh this is so familiar. Like scary-familiar. Yes, this is normal this is what happens to ALL of us =P

Start getting used to becoming a different person, because at one time or the other believe me it'll happen =)

Anuradha said...

I can completely relate :) I went through this last year. And although my friends and I all had to go to different schools anyway, I ended up moving cities. -__-

Changing is completely normal, and yeah it isn't the same without old friends anymore, but I guess it's a part of life and one has to accept it :)

Komal Ali said...

And when we don't 'move away' from some friends, it gets sick in the end.

Maria said...

Sometimes it becomes a neccessity to move away.
Until that happens, you're good.