Thursday, December 24, 2009


MUN = Model United Nations, which I was very lucky to be a part of this year. It's been held by this school in the city, and it's pretty fun for the most part, or so i've been told. It's my first time ever participating, and let me tell you, IT IS TIRING! So the main conference is in January, but we've recieved our agendas and we're supposed to do tons of research on it. Staring at the screen for 10 hours everyday, reading tons of long, usually boring articles is not the way I planned for my winter vacation to go, but I guess, it's fun as well. And the main conference is going to be mind blowing xD

You represent different countries, and therefore I'm representing Spain. MUN-ing has totally made me high, and I keep referring to myself as the DELEGATE OF SPAIN, rather than my name ;) and since the conference asks us NOT to use personal pronouns, I've started doing that to get into the habit xD

Pre-MUN makes you tired I tell you, and when you have this sucky laptop which keeps freezing all the time, it's more tiring. Plus I really can't concentrate on one thing all the time, so I have a couple of chat windows open, and my friends keep bugging me, one of whom blocks me when i take a little time to IM back :P

Pre-MUN is fun though. It's kind of fun reading up on different countries, and socialising with people, making plans to be allies during the conferences and making plans to bring pillows during the conference to sleep :P

Pre-MUN makes you really high because you get all high due to the fact you're going to be receiving free food, and then you talk to all these people online, and make all these plans to meet up at the conference by screaming each other's country names xD

The best part about Pre-MUN is the anticipation of the main conference :D

Therefore, no matter how tiring pre-MUN is, the anticipation makes it all better, and therefore the delegate of Spain CANNOT wait for the main conference, and hopefully it's gonna be amazing :)



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