Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proud To Be A Pakistani? Yeah Right.

Don't get me wrong. I love this country and everything, but am I really proud to be a Pakistani? No.

I Am A Pakistani.
I Am Proud To Be A Pakistani.

Both different sentences, meaning very different things

You're proud of something, when you're happy that you own it. And i'm not. Not happy with the current state of the country. Not happy with what the country is coming down to.

And the people who say they are proud to be Pakistani, why don't you show it 365 days a year, and not on just this one day?

March 23rd 1940. A dream was put forward. 7 years later, this dream was fulfilled. Pakistan came into being. Sacrifices were made. Many people lost EVERYTHING, and i am in awe of those people. I feel for them. But i will NOT, and i repeat NOT pretend to be proud of something.

60 years later we still refer to ourselves as Sindhi, or Punjabi, or Balochi, etc.
60 years later the Kashmir issue is still not resolved.
60 years later the government is still corrupt.

60 years later Jinnah's words 'Unity, Faith and Discipline', are just a part of history, not fulfilled.

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DEAthgod said...

we can only be proud when we've changed what is wrong and seen others follow us and lead others on