Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Arsenal will win tonight?

Because we just can. Seriously.

We CAN. Point is: Barca outplayed us at the Emirates. BIG TIME.

Camp Nou is NO Joke. Away games are always tough.

No Cesc Fabregas = SHIT.
I mean. He's one of the best players we have. And him missing will be like the major piece of the Arsenal puzzle gone.

As a gooner I have faith. I want arsenal to win this SO bad. It's all or nothing.

As an unbiased person who watches football - this is a game to watch. Why? Because these are two teams in Europe who play fantastic football. They're entertaining to watch. They are what defines the BEAUTIFUL game. And they both WANT it. Both in it to win it. One mistake, and it's gone for another year. Just one chance. That's all they have.

With that said, I should go change in my Arsenal shirt now. Hopefully it's not cursed or anything -.-
Go Gunners!



Ali said...

I am gutted now, how can we loose.!! I cannot sleep, watching that imp score goal after goal. After '99 and 2006 final I was more than sure that we are going to be third time lucky against barca, Camp Nou or Not. :(

Sadly, there is no God out there, or if there is one, He doesn't believe in justice, or He honestly thought that this was a sp*rs team playing Barca. We have never won a matching wearing that ugly white kit.

For 3, out of the 4 goals our defense went to sleep, we really needed Campbell in there or Song to keep a check on Messi. And why play Eduardo when he cant even trap air at his feet, let alone a football, is beyond me.

In all fairness to the lads, well played the Arsenal!!!

Rahima. said...

But we were missing arguably some of our best players, and we've had more than our fair share of injuries this season.

Maybe this will show wenger we need to spend BIG this coming summer.

But well played, and yes, there's still the EPL, so maybe, just maybe if united and chelsea screw up a bit, we could win that..

Ali said...

Well, i really don't think Wenger will spend much this season, since we have Arshavin, RvP, dudu, and Chamakh joining from next season, we have ample bench strength up front..

I honestly hope, he signs 2 good CB's and 1 goalie, and we will be ready to romp any team.

And Rahima, Honestly i don't see any of chelski or manure dropping any points. On the other hand, i fear we might drop some points against tottenham AWAY, next week.

It also doesn't help, when your first choice CB admits that it was difficult to defend against Barca, we are definitely a level below the rest. *sigh*

W said...

I hope arsenal can become Arselona soon. Wenger needs to sign some expensive centerbacks and Walcott needs to become a permanent super sub but i guess he wudnt like that ... Also I love Almunia he is great but he simply is not up to the mark ... Teams at the level of Arsenal have better goal keepers... We need names... Scores of talent comes alongside huge price tags

Rahima. said...

@Ali: We need a goalie. Agreed. But to be honest, watching United against Bayern, it's possible that they do drop points in the EPL. I guess we just gotta have faith (like the past 4 years..)

@W: AGREED. Wenger needs to spend. BIG. I mean i love that he signs amazing young talent (ramsey, wilshere..) and they'll form an amazing team in the next 5 years. But we need to win trophies NOW, and that will only come along when we get experienced players.

Ali said...

Rahima 5 (6 including this year) though we won FA cup in 2005...

But, i dont think Wenger needs to spend big, besides you must have heard Vela misplaced his passport hence he couldn't travel to Spain. Else, i am sure Wenger would have started him:(

And, this team cant be together for 5 years if, they don't start winning. Cesc will leave, Ramsey wont be same after injury(much like dudu and diaby) and Walcott he is kindaa not upto par abhi, time will tell how he fares. OWL Can't seem to finish aj kal.
God Help The Arsenal!!!

Rahima. said...

Oh yeah. 5 :/
Exactly. I mean Cesc already said he wanted to leave if we don't win trophies. Since he's been made captain he stayed, but who knows for how long. Ade already left, and Van Persie hinted he wanted to leave too. Barca are interested in Cesc and the current form of Barca, who wouldn't want to go there?
This sucks :/

Oh btw, you read Studs Up? Funniest Football Comic EVER!