Sunday, April 11, 2010

Choosing Schools.

Worst Choice you have to make. EVER.
This Sucks.


Ali said...

Barca, wont be interested in Cesc anymore, trust me he will only make it to their bench :( And honestly, i am GLAD that Ade left.. he was lets say a c**t.

RvP, is good but will be prone to injuries in perpetuity.

And, choosing schools, if u got grades, opt for lyceum or Grammer. Np =(

Ali said...

Oh, and i got no idea about studs up. Can you please link me to it?

Rahima. said...

Exactly. That's the worst part if he moves. He'll hardly play anymoreee :(

Yeah. Ade was a cu*t, but, he scored for us didn't he? I like Bendtner better though :)

Idk, if i'll get enough grades to get into Grammar, but if i do, choosing b/w Lyceum and KGS will be the a really difficult choice :(

oh and here you go:

tell me what u think :P:D

Ali said...


To tell you the truth, any one(read: Adebayor) leaving Arsenal for money and joining citeh, err, I cant even think of an apropos slur for him atm. He scored, granted, but he never scored in big games, and his goal scoring died towards the business end of the season. So, in essence he was kind of useless.

And Bendtner, is just okay-ish. Good in the air, but it sometimes feel like that he isn't giving his 100%. Cant dribble, he needs to work on his first touch and he almost never tracks back. He is definitely a good prospect though. Well, after Henry (and a few games from RvP) we have missed a genuine striker who is a threat in front of goal.

Did you see Terry's tackle on Milner (FA cup - semi) It was a blatant RED, and it happened right in front of the ref.

I went through a couple of snippets, its quite amusing. Its definitely in my blog roll now:) TY

I hope we win on Wednesday and good luck with your mocks and o-levels.

I must leave, aving to think about the likes of Terry, Adebayor and Sp*rs this early in the morning has left me feeling a bit queasy.