Monday, August 9, 2010

Fullstop. [most random blogpost title ever.]

So I went to a friend's place a few days back. And we were watching random videos on youtube of this two girl band Tegan&Sara. This is how one went:

Sara introduces "I Was Married" by saying marriage is not for her and is not always for everyone:
Audience Member: "Will you marry me??"
Sara: " this day and age [marriage] sort of has complicated... uhh... a complicated set of circumstances because it's not available for everyone and I think that's sort of unfair."
Audience: "So was that a yes or no?"
Sara: "No... I won't marry you."
Tegan: "She's an ice queen, you don't want her anyway."
Sara: "It's nothing against you personally."
Tegan: "She doesn't want to move to england."
Sara: "I just don't want to get into that whole, you know... I have to get you papers and then you're always at my house and I'm like, 'why are you here again?' and then... you know, that kind of shit."
*Audience member asks Tegan to marry her*
Tegan: "Thanks for asking. that's very nice."
Sara: "Apparently Tegan is really into this person so perhaps they want to get married."
Audience: "Tegan will you marry me?"
Tegan: "Sure."
Sara: "God, you're like fucking captain kangaroo over there..."
Tegan: "No, I just think it's good for our balance... you know, you're dark, I'm light... you're bad, I'm good... you say no, I say yes... you're mean, I'm nice..."
Sara: "I have standards, you're a slut..."
*Johnny comes to high five Sara*
Tegan: "Well I'm still nice!"
Sara: "And a slut..."

We drank lots of pepsi and got like REALLY high on it.
Then we made fun of all the people who's schools have started.

We also made plans to prank call the school principal.

Which reminds me, I had a sleepover a while back with my cousins and we prank called people by telling them we were calling from Greenstar. It was the funniest thing ever.

It didn't rain today. But we wanted lots of rain, so we went all "Allah mian, baarish de dein".

Then we went up to her roof and played some catch. And then some football with a ball which had no air in it.

We saw this then:
The man has his daughter on his back. And he was showing her the birds and stuff. It was super cute.

Then we made eye patches. And ate a cheese omelette.

Food. Yum.

I got into my second choice Alevels school.



hamstershorts said...

I don't know but that convo made me laugh. I'm high.

Ubaid said...

yes that is super cute

and congrats gee :)

improbableletters said...


but we don't know if that WAS his daughter :O i hope he's just a nice single mamoo of hers or something :P

AL said...

Sounds liek alotta fun.. :)