Monday, June 7, 2010

A-D-D M-A-T-H-S. That's How I Spell SCREWED.

This is it. I'm screwed. I hate add maths. I will never learn to like it. I will never learn how to solve all the shit we have to solve. Why do we even study it? It's not like i'll ever be stuck on an island.... actually even if i was, i would never have to do integration or take out the relative velocity of a plane, so seriously, why?

To study or not to study. That's not the question. The answer is Simple, study or get fucked.

There's around 9 hours left in the paper. Fuck this shit. Now's a good time to start freaking out. Sigh.

I'm listening to this gay weird song by Miley Cyrus. Somebody seriously kill me. Add Maths does that to me. Yeah. -_-

I blame myself. Why did i ever take up add maths? Why?

*hums along to weird song*

Oh yeah. Reading Pixie's latest blog made me think about him again. Not that i still like him, but he was one of my best friends :/

I went to the British Council today. They gave me a bag full of stuff, which included a mug and lots of awesome ball point pens. They should have given me the paper as well -_-
Better yet. I should have stolen it. Tsk.

:( i'm scared. I seriously don't know anything. Screwed i am. :/

Oh God. Save me. I've always been a good girl. Well most of the time. :/ actually very less. But still. I mean you're All Powerful and i gave it my best. Just help me. Please.

I go now.


Anonymous said...

Meh alot can be done in 9 hours. Just need commitment. :P And oh Cesc is mine! He loves my letters. :P

Rahomie said...

ah. Commitment. No. -_-
But he loves mine more :D

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hey chill.. relax.. Everything will be fine.. Good luck.. It will all be over soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm super super girl!

or is it i can't be tamed? Miley Cyrus is so so so BAD GAY.

Why'd you go to BC (*sniggers*), huh? I want ball pens and stuff too! :X bad animal

Pixie said...

How come I was never offered mugs and awesome stuff from BC? Damn girl, what did you do, blind them with a dazzling smile? Make them hash brownies? What?? I want a mug. NOW