Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shittiest Blog Post Ever.... But Whatever -_-

so like exams and stuff ended.
and i realise i have like nothing to do.
i just stare at the computer screen or watch tv or sleep. I sleep a lot. It's fun. Not really, but you know -_-

anyways. i'm too bored to blog :S
It sounds stupid but my mind aint working like :S
So like yeah :S

Anyways, i just heard the cover of Bad Romance by a guy, AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG! Woo.

I have nothing else to say.
There is NOTHING going on
Except footie world cup. Yay. Germany, Australia & Mexico :D



Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Plan things dude... And did u block me on msn or something :(

Furqan said...
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Furqan said...

I'm so glad england lost today. Even though I live here but I hate this team. Mostly because of people like wayne rooney. Plus no walcott = I don't care about england.

Netherlands ftw though.

Stupid blog indeed. It's actually just like mine in the very beginning with a little more sanity.

Rahomie said...

@lps - i don't come on there much.

@furqan - hah! Me too! Usa should've won. Ugh. No way! Germany for the win xD
And i called this post stupid not the blog -_-