Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Can't Think Of A Title.

August Rush.
Awesome movie.
Must watch if you haven't already.
And the music is amazing :)

I'm obsessed with 90210 nowadays. Awesome show.

Besides that volunteer work and driving lessons are driving me crazy.
I wake up at 8 am everyday :/


No check out worthy guy at volunteer work. But they're all really funny, so it's all cool.
We're going to Thattha on Saturday. -_-
Nahin jaana mujhay. Buhat garmi ho gi :(

I haven't been blogging much :(
Just waiting around for volunteer work to end.
Plus, I'm not going to UK either.
So this summer basically sucks really.
I NEED something fun to happen.

A shout out to my two new followers: Zee & Najma! :)

Out peeps.


Komal Ali said...

Unlike you, my summers are rocking :p Last year, they sucked!
Thattha...hmmm. Well, I hope you've some fun there- though I doubt it :p

Maryam said...

I love 90210, too. I love Navid especially <3

Na jao Thattha. Garmi waqai boht hai =S

Kyun ja rai ho?

Anonymous said...

thanks for not telling me about thatta! My dil is toot!

uglyduckling91 said...


Rahomie said...

@Komal - RUB IT IN, why don't you? :P

@Maryum - Volunteer work thingy :(
I loveee navid too. AND LIAM :D

@Ducky - MINE