Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Don't Need That Kind Of Happy Anymore!

I am totally in LOVE with this song nowadays.

"and i don't need that kind of happy, the kind that takes you up and brings you down." (8)

The rain last night was amazing. The weather is SO gorgeous. How am i expected to study for exams with such awesome weather? Sigh.
I sympathise with everyone who is stuck studying inside with this amazing weather outside :(

Listen to:
Faithfully by Journey.
Most amazing love song ever.
Makes me cry :)

Tomorrow is a major day for me. Details later, if everything works out :D

I don't know addmaths -.-

I'm totally crushing on my brother's friend. -.-
He's so hot. Sigh. Too bad he's gay. -.-
Gay guys are hot!
Proof: ADAM LAMBERT. 'nuf said

I'm losing it.
*mutters to self* snap out of it rahima...

Anyways. I want more rain.
I hope my centre gets drowned in the naala right next to it and our remaining exams are cancelled and they automatically give us A*'s for them. Haha. Yeah right -.-

I stood in my balcony all night, stayed awake till 5 am, watching the rain pour down. It was lovely. Rain is inspiring :)

I'm sick of people having relationship issues. I love my friends, BUT I DO NOT WANT THEM TALKING TO ME ABOUT THEIR BOYFRIENDS. There's far more interesting stuff. Like watching grass grow. Ooo. And NO, I am not being bitter. Or jealous. I don't want a boyfriend. Really -.-
I'm already married to Aaron Ramsey :D
I'm kidding.
But still -.-

I'm hungry. :D
I just had fries :D
*sticks tongue out at ducky*

My braces are pissing me off.
I can't wait till i get them off.

Justin Bieber is so weird.
But his song "baby" is so addicting, it's not even funny :|

I don't know what to blog about but i still will, 'cause i don't want to study -.-

Relatives are annoying. Yeah -.-

I go now.


Saaleha said...

Add.math just sucks. I HATED it.

haha to the 'grass growing being more interesting then people's relationship issues' bit. Couldn't agree more.

Good luck for exams :)

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

hahaha... ur posts are always funny.. i love reading ur posts.. Good luck with everything...

Anonymous said...

:D couldn't help but giggle at your post..

even i stood in my balcony last nyt, but hardly for half an hour. Rain last night scared me. :\