Sunday, May 9, 2010

And So It Ends, Leaving Behind Memories, And Scars. And The Promise Of Next Season Lingers In The Air.

Yup, the Premier League season just ended. Thank god there's the world cup or i don't know what i would have been doing without football.

Well, Congrats Chelsea, obvs :/
i hate chelsea. Loathe them. Despise them. Abhor them. And their fans are some of the cockiest i've met :/

I can't believe i'm saying this, but i wanted united to take home the title.
But you can't change what's happened. Chelsea played consistently, and the ceremony at the end was great.
John Terry = sexy.

Kudos to united. Rooney was definitely my player of the season.

Well played Arsenal. We finally climbed a spot. 3rd place not that bad, i suppose considering our injuries and shiz. :/

Haha @ spurs thinking they could finish 3rd. Lost their last match. I hate spurs. I wanted city to finish fourth. Blah. But Redknapp deserves a standing ovation, as the team went from relegation zone to 3rd place in a matter of, what? 18 months or so, i believe.

Poor city. Missed champions league spot. But haha adebayor! Don't chu wished you'd stayed at Emirates?

I feel sorryish for Liverpool. They were the only team i could stand, out of the top 4 (excluding arsenal)
C'mon Torres. Transfer to Arsenal! ;)

And yay! Newcastle is coming back up. <3

Well, that's it, i suppose. It really was a great season.

I can't wait for August. C'mon gunners. We're in it to win it next season!

Peace Out.


Ali said...

Thought you were leaving:P

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Oh great post... :)