Friday, May 21, 2010

Why the Facebook/Youtube Ban Is Stupid and other stuff.

Pakistan High Court thinks a facebook page is it's biggest problem? How about bringing justice to innocent civilians instead?

I'm against this fairly pathetic closed minded decision which is nothing more than a scoring, anti western point to appease the dumb. Who are they trying to win over? What are they trying to prove?

I visited that page on facebook, and the many "muslims" cursing the non believers, and wishing death on them, and rape on their mothers and sisters, definitely is NOT helping our cause to show Islam as the peaceful religion it is. The Qur’an orders patience in many verses, such as: Seek help in patience and prayer (2:45) and: Endure, vie with each other in endurance (3:199), and prohibits haste in verses like: Show not haste concerning them (the unbelievers) (46:35). In many Qur’anic verses, God praises the patient, declares that He loves them, or mentions the ranks He has bestowed on them: The patient and steadfast, and the truthful and loyal (3:16); God loves the patient (3:145); and Surely God is with the patient (2:153).

The Qur’an mentions many other aspects of patience. For example: If you endure patiently, this is indeed better for those who are patient (16:126) Also it advises patience as a preferable way in dealing with unbelievers while communicating God’s Message to them. We will certainly bestow on those who are patient their reward according to the best of what they used to do (16:96) consoles the patient with the best of rewards to be given in the Hereafter. If you have patience and guard yourselves against evil and disobedience, God will send to your aid five thousand angels having distinguishing marks, if they [your enemies] suddenly attack you (3:124) promises the believers Divine aid in return for patience.

As well, the Quran states that "And to be firm and patient, in pain and adversity And throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the God-fearing." (2:177)

I am not in any way for the drawing, but shutting out a problem is NOT going to make it go away. Facebook, Youtube etc have a million users everyday. They are not getting any disadvantage with out country shutting these down. Use a proxy server and you can easily access these websites. WHAT'S THE POINT? These people wanted to get to us, and they did.

What are we scared of? If your faith is strong enough, should what unbelievers think have an impact on you? Should you change your mind because of what you see and hear?

It's not serving any purpose and will just highlight the complete lack of freedom in this joke of a country.

So be patient people. If God brought you to it, He'll bring you through it. If you faith is strong, i don't think He'll let you down.

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I saw crush boy today. I am content <3
Accounts exam actually went good. Dar lag raha hai A na aajaye XD
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