Friday, May 14, 2010

Procrastination Running Circles In My Head..

You don't need money to be happy?
Well, you don't need to be tall to play in the NBA, but it HELPS!

It's just been a major shit week. And Pakistan threw away the game tonight. Seriously, why?

Meh. Exams turn me into a major bitch. English went pretty damn amazing. 14 to go. Wooo. *rolls eyes*

Oh Yeah, I need new music, so your suggestions are welcome. I like Rock, pop and country. Anything actually, as long as it's good. Except rap. Rap crap.

What use is kinematics to me in my normal life? Seriously? WHY AM I BEING TORTURED?

Agh. Karachi ki garmi will kill me. :/

Fuck this shit man. Add maths beckons. Sigh.

And i'm outta here..

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