Monday, May 31, 2010

Of Illness And Annoying People And Exams And Wanting To Party.

I'm ill. Like really really ill. I have a fever and this horrible horrible cold. Why couldn't God just have taken my life instead? My head feels like someone is banging it with a hammer. And i have maths and accounts exams on wednesday and thursday. This sucks.

You know what kind of people annoy me the most?
First are those who go all, "paper went just okay" and they'll end up with a fucking A while you get a significantly lower grade.
Others are those who go all "yaar eik mark ki galti hogayi" or "add maths mein sirf 90% banrahi hai" and i'm all like, what the fuck woman. I feel like beating the shit out of those people.

Oh, Maryum. I got 2 new points for your rules of examinations. People should not be allowed to discuss the freaking paper in front of you. And ohhhh yeah. Parents should not ask if you're gonna get an A or not. -_-

I HATE being sick.

During the last 15 minutes of the maths exam, i was all like oh fuck this shit. I hate maths. And then people HAVE to discuss the paper in front of me, and i've already gotten shit wrong. This sucks.

People at tuition are annoying. Half of the people already know everything. Why do they even come to tuitions then? I will kill them all one day.

I love my brother. He's awesome.

I hate everyone. Call me a cynic from now on.

I think i have a bipolar disorder. Weird i am.

I wants to go to UK and PARTY and NOT study.

Out peeps.


Ubaid said...

I am bipolar too these days :DD

get well soon, and best of luck for exams :)

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Oh so ur in that kind of mood...hey trust me these papers dont mean shit...

uglyduckling91 said...

I understand. I'm losing 12 marks in stats and my friend's like "yaar yeh dou marks pata nahin kaisay chalay gaye."
But you're awesome so get well soon. :D

Maryam said...

Awww get well soon! Thank God I was over with the cold and fever before exams =/ I sympathize, really =P

So, yes. I completely agree to the new rules. I shall blog about it now. Okay.

Rahomie said...

thanks for the get well wishes guys. :D

Anonymous said...

aww, get well soon :)
and hey have a look at this one, and listen to the song...

Komal Ali said...

Get well soon!

I could relate to all you mentioned there :P