Friday, May 28, 2010

Ramblings Of A Sleep Deprived Zombie

I love him. I will do unspeakable things to myself if he leaves. He's not leaving. He's not leavinnggg. Lalalalallala *fingers crossed*

Business Studies paper went decent. I felt like puking throughout it 'cause i'd drunk endless cups of coffee and energy drinks the night before.

I haven't slept in the past 24 hours. Shittt.
I wanna watch House and drool over Chase. Yumm. ;D
I should really sleep, but I don't feel like it. Weird.

New Follower: Hello Osheen :D

I cannot wait for the world cup to start. Weeee.

Maths on monday. Noooo. *dies*
I absolutely despise Maths. Sigh.

Well that's it. I just cannot wait for exams to end, so I can do some writing and write some decent blogposts. Tsk.

Have an amazing weekend, y'all.

Out peeps.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

So your getting alot of followers now.. :)
And yea i dont want him to go away either ... but im glad about getting chamakh... :) good luck with maths..

Maryam said...

No comment on hot, very drool-worthy person in red. I hate Maths, too. Good luck with it.

CrazyLady said...

Hi! I haven't even STARTED studying for Maths. And I failed my mock. So that just goes to show how truly screwed I am.

I think I'll watch High School Musical. Heh.

Rahomie said...

@lps: yup. I like chamakh

@maryum: hahahaha. Thanks

@crazylady: omg. I flunked my mock too. Weird. And i'm watching High School Musical too. Haha. :P
How are exams going so far?

uglyduckling91 said...

Naheeeeeen! Maths is easy. :/ Just go through as many past papers as you can, and worry not. B]
I can't remember the last time I passed my home examinations.

Rahomie said...

@ducky - for you maybe. But i suck at maths. Sigh.
Haha. School exams i don't even study for.

Anonymous said...

Cesc won't leave. Because he loves me. =p ( I'm a guy but he doesn't really care about that.:) )