Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Many More Before We Realise Too Many Have Died?

Yesterday, I was sitting in my room, studying, when I heard a faint voice of a blast. 2 minutes later, my friend texted me, asking me if everything was okay near my house, because there had been a bomb.

A low-intensity blast has happened near Soldier Bazaar Police Station in Karachi, killing one person and leaving several others injured. Cheepa sources said the blast took place in a Hindu locality, in which at least one person was killed. Ambulances have been called in to shift the injured to nearby hospitals, where emergency has been declared. The bomb was planted in a pushcart, the police said. Meanwhile, the police cordoned off the area and kickstarted relief efforts.

Seriously, when will this end?
Low intensity or high intensity, INNOCENT civilians die.

It goes on and on, and these add up to thousands of people who pass away in these blasts.

God save Pakistan :/

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Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Yea thts all we can say.. God save pakistan..