Monday, May 24, 2010

Before It's Too Late.

We waste our words and
we waste our moments and
we don't take the time
to say the things that are
in our hearts
when we had the chance.

We watch days zoom by
like seconds,
seconds on a clock,
hours separating the
tick from the tock.
And before we know it, it's been
and we're wondering
where our time went,
where our lives went.

And in the end, our only words,
a last attempt at some menial redemption,
are "I'm sorry. I am so fucking sorry."


Anonymous said...

you got a new follower on this blog too :P

Rahomie said...

awww. Thanks! :D
It means a lot to me, that people bother reading my shit xD
You're definitely getting a shout out on my next blogpost. :D

Maryam said...

You write well =)
And I LOVE the blog title! Haha

Ubaid said...

Well written....

and I could relate to it :)